Real Estate Agents – Don’t Do It Alone. SimpliSettled Has Your Back.


As a real estate agent, you juggle countless responsibilities – finding listings, showing properties, attracting buyers, negotiating deals, and providing top-notch service. But attempting to single-handedly coordinate all the many moving parts of transactions while managing your sales process is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

This is why partnering with a dedicated transaction coordinator is game changing for your business. Transaction coordinators specialize in managing the administrative workload involved in real estate deals. They oversee critical behind-the-scenes responsibilities like:

  • Preparing, sending, tracking and organizing the myriad of contracts and required disclosures
  • Fielding and routing calls, emails and documents between lenders, title agents, attorneys, home inspectors, appraisers and more
  • Confirming contingencies are fulfilled and deadlines are met
  • Scheduling closings, inspections and appraisals
  • Guiding the transaction at each step while constantly keeping clients updated

Without an expert transaction coordinator, it’s incredibly easy for deals to go off track and for costly mistakes to happen due to you trying to juggle too many competing priorities.

Simplify Your Business With SimpliSettled!

This is why SimpliSettled offers dedicated transaction coordination services tailored specifically to real estate agents like you. SimpliSettled’s experienced team essentially functions as an extension of your own team, handling the heavy administrative lifting while you focus on sales and client relationships.

With SimpliSettled as your partner, you can have total confidence that your transactions will be managed seamlessly from offer to closing. We help your deals flow more smoothly, avoid costly hiccups, and enable you to provide 5-star service.


Don’t do it alone. Contact SimpliSettled today to discuss how our transaction coordination can transform your business. We’re ready to help you win more business by optimizing the transaction process from start to finish!

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